Technological Transfer in Aquaculture

Our aquaculture technology stands out for its flexibility, environmental sustainability, and economic viability. Our modular systems allow for the integration of various species within the same circuit, optimizing resource use and maximizing production. Polyculture helps create balanced ecosystems that reduce environmental impact and improve product quality. Our universal modules enable adaptation of the farms to the ever-evolving market needs.

smart aquaculture

Smart aquaculture module

We Have Created a Smart Farm with an Environmental Impact Similar to Floriculture

DINAQUA’s smart aquaculture means specific know-how, combining innovative seafood farming technology with an advanced management model that allows constant and automated product monitoring. This ensures 24/7 control of environmental parameters, resolving issues related to external biological factors and improving the growth of farmed species, resulting in better economic outcomes compared to traditional farming techniques.

The Species

Our Universal Modules

DINAQUA’s universal smart aquaculture modules are designed to be highly adaptable. As the facility grows and the market evolves, the farmed species can be changed without significant additional investments. This flexible approach allows for quick responses to market demands, maintaining the facility’s competitiveness.

Mazzancolle tropicali - Whiteleg shrimp - Penaeus Vannamei

Tropical Shrimp

The second most farmed fish species globally, ideal for newcomers to the sector.

Astice europeo - European Lobster

European Lobster

An economically significant species, but it requires advanced management skills and deep biological cycle knowledge.

Ostrica piatta - Flat Oyster

Low-Cost Oysters

Bivalves play an essential role as biofilters and are farmed alongside primary species.


Everything You Need to Start an Aquaculture Business

We are the ideal partner for those looking to enter the aquaculture world with an innovative and sustainable approach. Contact us to find out how we can help you develop your aquaculture project.

Know-How Supply

DINAQUA’s smart farming technology is acquired through a legal licensing contract.

Juveniles and Feed

We ensure a secure supply channel for post-larvae and feed, crucial in the early stages.


We train farm operators and management with specific educational courses.


We identify and spread best practices in the supply chain to improve economic results.

the value chain

Unique Italian Crustacean Value Chain

Unique Italian Crustacean Value Chain

We are part of the first Italian highly technological and sustainable value chain for the complete farming of crustaceans, with an integrated IMTA model involving various Italian regions. The chain, launched in November 2022, aims to develop sustainable elements and low environmental impact.

The Pillars

Our Vision of Aquaculture is Based on Four Fundamental Pillars

Thanks to the range of services developed within the team and our strategic partners’ network, we can provide the necessary consultancy for all business growth stages.

On Land

We promote RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems) for optimal environmental control.

Economic Sustainability

We offer economically sustainable solutions ensuring long-term profitability.


Our facilities are designed to be versatile, allowing the farming of various seafood species.


We support polyculture to create balanced ecosystems that improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.


We answer the most frequent questions from customers regarding DINAQUA’s smart aquaculture. For more details, contact us.

Partnering with DINAQUA has been a significant growth journey. I found high professionalism and 360-degree availability. They guided me through this entrepreneurial experience, always ready to give the right advice and necessary motivation to mitigate my inexperience.

Daniel Ciccu, Co-founder of Isola Del Gambero di GID

Daniel Ciccu, Co-founder of Isola Del Gambero di GID, Sardinia – Italy

We immediately found great availability from the DINAQUA team. We were trained to conduct institutional meetings to present our business idea and successfully meet landowners. My experience has been positive.

Lorenzo Di Fazio, Co-fondatore SeaFarm

Lorenzo Di Fazio, Co-founder of SeaFarm, Pescara – Italy

I found true professionals in the DINAQUA team, always ready to help and respond to my questions. Despite being initially skeptical and thinking the idea was almost impossible, I am now achieving my dream of becoming a fish entrepreneur and farmer.

Claudio Dell’Anna, Fish Entrepreneur

Claudio Dell’Anna, Fish Entrepreneur, Puglia – Italy, Zürich – Switzerland


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