Digital & Innovative Aquaculture

Digital & Innovative aquaculture

DINAQUA provides solutions for the challenges of #farming processes, projecting an #acquaculture sector towards a #smart future with #DigitalTransformation

Digitalizzazione in acquacoltura
Aquaculture will provide close to two thirds of global food fish consumption by 2030 as catches from wild capture fisheries level off and demand from a global middle class substantially increases. Aquaculture, if responsibly developed and practiced, can make a significant contribution to global food security and economic growth.
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Fish to 2030: Prospects for Fisheries and Aquaculture

In 2018 with annual growth rate of 5.5% (excluding China) aquaculture is confirmed as the the fastest expanding sector of the global food industry, and the production attained another all-time record high of 114.5 million tonnes in live weight, with a total farmgate sale value of USD 263.6 billion.

FAO. State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture

Our main activities

Nevertheless there are too many areas that are in dire need of innovation desperately

Aquaculture sustainability

The total respect of natural life cycle of the most valuable seafood species allows us to have a farmed product as similar as possible to the caught one, while the innovation technology permits us to reduce drastically the quantity of seawater

Digital transformation

One of our fundamental assets is a complete integration of production technology with the development of digital services and "smart farming" technologies, followed as a result by a remarkable increase of productivity and decrease of the environmental impact

Dish meal replacement

The Greenpeace report "A waste of fish" sets out how the regional fish stocks essential to food security and livelihoods of communities in West Africa are under threat from the wasteful and expanding fishmeal industry destinated for foreign aquaculture

Circular economy

And finally, the circular economy concept with renewable energy sources permits us reusing of the "waste" by-products for further outcomes. For example, the production of biodegradable films obtained from shrimp shells

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