Technology transfer in aquaculture

We design and build smart aquaculture farms, following the Recirculating Aquaculture Solutions with business models applied for Mediterranean climatic conditions

smart aquaculture

Off-land indoor smart aquaculture farm with an environmental impact similar to floriculture

It is DINAQUA smart aquaculture, i.e. know-how of the farming process including the breeding stage with a specific management model for the secure production that ensures not only the constant control of biomass thanks to the digitized management system with h24 monitoring of the ambience parameters, but also solves the problems related to external biological factors, allowing better growth of the farmed species, very accurate harvest planning, and better earning and economic results

the species

The great advantage of DINAQUA’s smart aquaculture is its polyvalence factor, that is the possibility to choose the species to farm, ensuring the shortest ever cash-flow out during the launch stage, for the older stages instead – creating a possibility to respond the eminent market evolution in the future

Mazzancolle tropicali - White leg shrimp

Tropical shrimps

Shrimp is the second most farmed species globally, with well-known biological cycle, that allows us to manage all risks of the launching stage, especially for those who are making their first experience in the aquaculture sector

Asrice blu - European lobster

European lobster

The farm suites better for seabed species farming, especially in its launching stage. As the European lobster according to EUMOFA is almost completely comes from fishing there is also a huge market opportunity for this species

Ostrica piatta - European flat oyster

Oysters with zero costs

We practice Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture, which represents a polyculture system, so oysters, mussels, scallops are farming in the same circuits as the major species, as they are also perfect bioremediators

the services

All you need to start your own aquaculture business

Thanks to services we developed within the team and the network of our strategic partners, we are able to provide all necessary for the initial stages: the search for suitable land piece, the relationship with the local authorities, the capital raising phase, ecc and obviously everything related to the construction and the farming start-up, but also the development of the farm in the future

Know-how supply

DINAQUA smart aquaculture technology is supplied in the basis of license agreement for every farm

Post-larvae and feeds

The safe supply channel for post-larvae and feeds have the vital importance for success especially during the initial stages


Farm operations workers and management are educated with specific training courses


We identify and share the best practices in the supply chain to improve the management model, and therefore the economic result

the supply chain

In November 2022, the first highly digitized and sustainable Italian crustacean supply chain was born for the full-cycle farming and with an integrated IMTA model that aims to develop and to consolidate the elements of sustainability, thus to reduce the environmental impact and integrates the Italian regions such as: Lombardy, Sardinia, Abruzzo, Trentino Alto-Adige, Campania and Basilicata with projects organized into three lines: farming, marketing, research and development

the blog

Our vision of aquaculture, industry news, insights and interpretation of analytics and reports and obviously our press releases


Want to open your own crustacean farm?

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