Who We Are

DINAQUA was born as a fusion of scientific and entrepreneurial skills, as a collaboration between generations based on more than thirty years of experience and todays trends to provide an innovative but sustainable boost of the European aquaculture

smart aquaculture

Dr. Roberto Rabiti
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Dr. Roberto Rabiti​
Technical manager

Recirculating Aquaculture Solutions expert

He has been involved in the construction of aquaculture farms in Italy and in the various countries in the Mediterranean and around the world since 1972. A list of the species for which he had designed and built aquaculture farms includes shrimp, lobster, eel, sea bass, sea bass, mullet, white bream, perch, pike, tilapia and many others.

In 2003 – 2005 he directed the survey on the current state of fishing and aquaculture sector in Tuscany, where he played a main role in the training course for regional aquaculture technicians as an expert in RAS technics. A few years later he participated in integrated planning for the development of aquaculture in the Sardinia region.

Some countries where he has carried out consultancy at an international and government level: Japan, Philippines, Cuba, Senegal, Santo Domingo, Ghana, Chile, Brazil, Algeria, Tunisia.

Dr. Daniela Cacciuto, Innovation Manager DINAQUA
+39 0784 810856
Dr. Daniela Cacciuto
Innovation manager

Biotechnology Expert

She is a consultant for all aspects of aquaculture in Sardinia and in Italy, with skills in the field of innovative aquaculture technologies and with a great ability to understand and to predict the development directions.

As President of the Biotecno-mares consortium, she associates the best Italian universities that carry on applied research in aquaculture for the purpose of studying and implementing systems related to the sector of biotechnologies and sustainable development of the aquaculture sector.

the business team

We have a range of skills necessary to ensure the start-up and growth of every the aquaculture business both for those making their first entry, including those who are making even their first entrepreneurial experience

Kuzina Katerina, Responsabile marketing e PR DINAQUA
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Katerina Kuzina
Team Leader

Web Marketing Expert

Contini Antonio Francesco, Responsabile sviluppo strategico DINAQUA
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Antonio Francesco Contini
Network Manager

Business Strategy Expert

Bruno Gaffurini, Responsabile produzione DINAQUA
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Bruno Gaffurini
Production Manager

Logitics Expert

the supply chain

The strategic goal of the first European crustacean supply chain is to launch a network of 5 highly technological farms with an integrated IMTA model by 2025

Squadra del progetto di acquacoltura intelligente ad Arborea

Sardinia Region of Italy

Designed productivity: 250+ tons per year of fresh crustaceans for complete scale farm
Status: Application for funding is admitted for the initial scale farm

Squadra del progetto di acquacoltura intelligente in Abruzzo

Abruzzo Region of Italy

Designed productivity: 160+ tons per year of fresh crustaceans for complete scale farm
Status: Capital Raising Round

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