The only Italian crustacean supply chain

In November 2022, the first highly digitized and sustainable Italian crustacean supply chain was born for the full-cycle farming and with an integrated IMTA model

smart aquacultura

The strategic goal: to develop and to consolidate the elements of sustainability, thus to reduce the environmental impact and to increase the profitability

The supply chain integrates the Italian regions such as: Lombardy, Sardinia, Abruzzo, Trentino Alto-Adige, Campania and Basilicata with projects organized into three lines: farming, marketing, research and developmen

The lines

We consider teamwork as a necessary part collaboration, ideas sharing and the development of the market in the supply chain approach as one of the basic aspects to guarantee success and give the right shape to the ideas of our customers

Squadra del progetto di acquacoltura intelligente ad Arborea

Farming line

includes farms in Sardinia and Abruzzo and the National Reproduction Center in Sardinia, all in the capital raising stage, that is with completed the project and meetings stages with both local and regional authorities

Squadra del progetto di acquacoltura intelligente in Abruzzo

Marketing & Ecommerce line

aims the own brand creation and promotion and the developing of a E-commerce platform, intended to promote products and manage sales directly from farms to the consumer

Prof Rabiti controlla la salinità delle acque durante il sopralluogo in Puglia

R&D line

is composed of two main projects:
(1) engineering solution for the transformation of waste (i.e. crustacean shells) into the new products following the circular economy concept as the strategic solution
(2) evaluation of crustacean growth estimation performances through the analysis of neural networks with the different Machine Learning algorithms to constantly improve the management model of each farm in the supply chain

The impacts

Focus on reducing environmental impacts

The growth idea starts from the urgent needs to raise an aquaculture but sustainable seafood products share in the whole EU market to break also the constantly increasing dependence on imports. Certainly, the increase in productivity have to follow the positive impacts strategy with reducing environmental pressure

alternative economic models of the European coasts

Each farm not only values the european landscape heritage preserving it, but also offers an alternative economic model of the European coasts that are often rural zones or concentrated too much on tourism

support for the European fishieries economic sector

We allow the renewal of European stocks by a sustainable alternative to the caught product that is often the only internal source for crustaceans

reinforcement of the European tourism

The HoReCa sector is designed as a major customer with the supply of fresh, km0 products in conjunction with the objectives of the European FarmToFork program

development of a sustainable seafood market

With our waste processing plant, extracting the main components for biodegradable films to be used for food packaging each farm in network becomes almost zero waste one

the farms

The strategic goal of the first European crustacean supply chain is to launch a network of 5 highly technological farms with an integrated IMTA model by 2025

Allevamento di gamberi in Sardegna

Sardinia Region of Italy

Designed productivity: 250+ tons per year of fresh crustaceans for complete scale farm Status: Application for funding is admitted for the initial scale farm

Allevamento di gamberi in Abruzzo

Abruzzo Region of Italy

Designed productivity: 160+ tons per year of fresh crustaceans for complete scale farm Status: Capital Raising Round

the 2030's goals

Smart aquaculture means firstly a responsible growth

As the European citizens we ave to increase the European aquaculture share in the supply balance, with slightly but inevitably decrease of imports. At the same time it is clear that the increase in productivity must be followed by reduction of environmental impacts

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